25 Oct

 The date night box comes as a monthly subscription and costs $35 per month and $1.15 for shipping.  The first subscription starts with the first shipment and continues each month.  If you want, you can cancel at any time. The date box ships in the second week of the month. It would then depend on your location to reach you though not more than a week.  If you pace your subscription later than 1st of the month, they will be shipped the next month.

The box content is fantastic for a great date at https://www.datelivery.com/about/. Hours are spent creating and testing the date boxes to ensure that they are the best. They will not send you a bunch of random items that you need for a date. They include the instructions for the complete activity and elements it executes it nicely. The dates are themes to be the best of the evening. Some of the themes included are communication, goals, and travel.  They do not theme their date boxes around sex and romance and do not include alcohol. They are made to help the couples come up with something new and fun together.  There may be some DIY projects, games and such.  Besides the fun, it is also engaging and sometimes will push you to the boundary. You might even learn a new skill such an s preparing new food, painting and such.  It will be something that you will enjoy. You will share the experience as you grow your relationship.

The Datelivery date boxes are designed for anyone committed in a relationship. They are not restricted to age and don't any strong capabilities. Couples who can buy the date boxes include couples with children, empty nesters, newlyweds and gift givers. If you place an order and you wish to cancel, you can do it at any time. The billing and shipping cycle is on the first of the month. In case you cancel before end month, the next box will not be delivered.  In case you did not like a particular date box, you can send back your feedback. They will be willing to help you choose a date box that you will love. Make sure that your next date night is great with these boxes. Place your order, and it will be delivered the next month. Share your experience and grow your relationship with the date night boxes. To learn more about date in a box, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/dating-advice-for-men/.

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